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Welcome to Ask The Rabbi! We're here to help you find answers to all things Judaism.

There are two sections here. Which one is for you depends upon the nature of your question!

Forum Questions

If your question is:
- A general interest question about Judaism
- Part of a school or college research assignment
- Simply reflective of a desire to learn more about Judaism and Jewish History

Join the Forums!

In our forums, you'll be able to participate in a lively and ongoing discussion of Judaism involving people from around the globe. You'll be able to hear multiple opinions and be part of the discussion.

Ask the Rabbi Questions

If your question is:
- Too personal to be posted on our public discussion forums
- Looking for an expert opinion from a Rabbi
- Reflective of a philosophical dilemma which is likely to require an ongoing e-mail dialogue with a mentor (for example, questions about G-d's existence, Jewish morality, the Divine nature of the Torah, the purpose of life, etc.)

Then your question should go to Ask the Rabbi.

Please Note: "Ask the Rabbi" is a personalized service, intended only for "self-generated" questions which you wish to ask. Staffing limitations prevent us from helping with homework, contests, or other forms of research. Thank you for your consideration.

If you notice any bugs in the Ask the Rabbi system, please alert us at [email protected] It's new and under ongoing development!

Ask The Rabbi

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