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Rabbi Yitzchok Rubin

Rabbi Rubin is that unique blend of spiritual leader. Having studied under some of the past generation's greatest Chasidic leaders, he has developed a special approach that is both warm and enlightening. After serving as a Rav and educator in Brooklyn New York, where Rav Rubin opened the very first Chasidic Yeshiva for adolescent boys with learning difficulties, the Rav came to England in answer to a call from the South Manchester Community.

Recently his three volume work on Tehilim, “Rhythm of the Heart” has appeared in a new boxed set and its uniquely sensitive message of hope has found its way into many homes.

The new and vibrant translation created for this edition, drawn from Rashi, Malbim, Radak, and other classic Commentators, lets King David's words speak for themselves in a language you understand. Inspiring stories and insights into contemporary life precede each Psalm. Fortunately for us, Rabbi Rubin has given us the opportunity to learn from his wisdom. We hope you find this class informative and stimulating!

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