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Imagine the following scenario:

Your cell phone alarm rings. Six forty-five. It's morning, but the sun is barely shining. Work beckons. Sour milk. Cluttered table. The children need to be woken, dressed, fed and rushed off to meet the big yellow bus. Is there a method to this madness? If there isn't, should there be?

One of the most beautiful aspects of living a Jewish life is that G-d is included in every minute of every day. Tefilah: Praying with Joy offers detailed rules on how to wake up, wash up, and get out of the house in the morning. There are Halachos for every little act we do; there is spirituality all the time and not just at inspirational moments; there is a special significance to waking up to serve Hashem from the start of our day.

The purpose of this class is to explain how a Jew conducts himself or herself from the moment he wakens. We will also explore the prayer book. Navigating the prayers and understanding them will become much easier when you begin learning with Rabbi Travis!

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