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by Rabbi Menachem Moshe Oppen

The most important message to communicate to people contemplating learning Maseches Kinim is that the masechta is easier to learn than it seems.

Maseches Kinim presents some of the dinim of bringing korbonos of birds. A majority of the masechta deals with cases in which something went wrong in the process of bringing these korbonos, and the dinim that apply in those cases. This monograph explains the cases, usually according to the commentary of the Rav (Bartenura).

This monograph is part of a series on korbonos, whose audience includes boys of elementary school age as well as adults. The present edition, however, is constrained by the limitations of electronic mail, and does not include the diagrams we feel are necessary for the widest audience.

This edition is intended especially for the use of Daf Yomi participants, who will reach Maseches Kinim in the summer of 5757. It should be useful to anyone who is approaching the masechta for the first time and is not prepared to devote the time it takes to develop the cases on his own.

Also, because of the constraints of the medium, the text of the Mishnayos is missing. The only correct way to use the present edition is together with a sefer Mishnayos. We hope BS"D to publish a paper edition that also includes the text of the Mishna and some 43 diagrams of the cases.

We would also appreciate knowing if you think diagrams would be helpful to you. The points at which we plan diagrams are marked. We may be able to provide diagrams on paper in the near future.

We hope you find this class informative and stimulating! Subscribe to Kinim and receive the weekly class via e-mail.

Feedback is appreciated, so please send comments and critiques to Rabbi Menachem Moshe Oppen [email protected].

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