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Chazal (the Sages of the Talmud) said: "Ein Beis Medrash Bli Chidush" -- "Every House of Study produces novellae." "By 'chewing' the old and trying to digest it well, new tastes and sensations are constantly brought out." (Vilna Gaon in Even Shleima) Whether asking old questions and finding new answers, or asking new questions and finding old answers, Haaros constantly strives to awaken us to the depths of Torah thought through the eyes of classical and contemporary sources.

In addition to the weekly parsha, a seond part of Haaros is called "Chodshei Hashanah"-- Months of the Year. Jewish Law and traditions contain a wealth of information regarding astronomy, calendars, months and seasons. Chodshei Hashanah sheds light on the Jewish concept of time and the astounding foresight of Chazal by investigating the Jewish Calendar and the significance of the months and seasons.

Haaros touches on legal aspects, hints to profound mysteries and blends seemingly diverse aspects into a common thread. Haaros is not intended to be a definitive halachic source.

Readers are welcome to submit questions and critical comments. The fruit of ongoing discussions are often published in later Haaros, at the author's discretion.

Rabbi Yaakov Bernstein is a founding member of the Kollel of Kiryas Radin in Monsey, New York, and writes for the Ba'er Hativ Project of Torah Umesorah.

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