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Gal Einai is a parsha-based analysis of a statement of Rashi or Ma'amar Chazal, with an emphasis on understanding how the Pasuk itself leads Chazal to their understanding. The indivisability of the Written Law and the Oral Law, and how the latter is to be derived from the former, is a favorite theme. The teachings of Rav Yochanan Zweig are influential and he is often cited. The style favors brevity and clarity of expression.

Gedalia Litke is an attorney in private practice with a large New York City firm. He specializes in real estate finance and development and has lectured and published in his field.

Mr. Litke is involved in a wide array of Jewish community activities. He is a founder of Kayama , which facilitates /gittin/, Jewish divorces, for unaffiliated Jews who are divorcing civilly. Among his various community involvements he is Vice-Chair of the Maks and Lea Rothstein Charitable Youth Trust and a Trustee of the Yeshiva of Spring Valley. He has lectured nationally for Aish HaTorah and is now an adjunct lecturer at Ohr Somayach of Monsey, where he is also a Trustee. He is active in various political issues and fundraising campaigns of interest to the Jewish community. He is or has been on the boards of the Orthodox Union and the National Council of Young Israel, and has played various roles on behalf of Agudath Israel over the years.

Mr. Litke attended Columbia Law School and Ner Israel Rabbinical College. He also has a Masters from Johns Hopkins University.

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